A Taste of Eloquence

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  "Getting Down to Business Has Never Been Better"

Whether a new product is being launched or landing a executive account, the success of a business extends beyond the initial product or service.  In today's fiercely competitive world, progressive businesses have to impress  clients like never before.  

Every business needs a skilled and creative team that knows how to integrate the needs
and desires of its clients.  A Taste of Eloquence, LLC caterers understands business and the importance of leaving a  lasting impression.  A Taste of Eloquence has a wide variety of exciting ideas for a corporate day or evening  affair.   Whether it’s an afternoon tea for 20 or an evening gala, "A Taste of  Eloquence" makes it imaginative, beautiful and delicious!  

We combine excellent foods and quality service to create memories that last a life time.  Our varieties of exciting ideas are not limited to the board room; we can help you create wonderfully warm and memorable intimate evening for any special occasion.

 Our vision is to provide a refreshingly different level of client services, which never compromises on quality, from preparation to presentation.  As part of our commitment to providing outstanding services, we offer the convenience of coming to your location for all your planning and catering need.

Sweet and Sophisticated Styling

One of the latest and hottest party trend surrounds the issue of desserts. A Taste of Eloquence clients are opting for an artistically eye-catching designed which has a sultry flair that incorporates a unique sweets table over the traditional cake or dessert. Sweets tables have become an art form and are used as a stunning statement piece.

The “sweets table” illustrates both the palette and the personality of the client. These tables has become a most have, and vastly sought after design that are seen at corporate functions, charity events, baby showers, weddings, school functions and holiday parties.

 These tables go from  lavish to simple and chic, depending on the design request of the client. Everything on the table is customized and personalized according to the client taste.

Our event planners will help create a design that will be a conversation piece at any function.  It's a great way to set the tone for a fabulous interactive event.  Call us for you next event 443-494- YOU2 (9286)